Winning the stress of these days with exercise and a balanced diet

December 6th, 2017

Photo by Karen Arnold

Cities like Barcelona allow us to experience a very active life but, sometimes, all this activity could be absorbing. Don’t stay on the sofa when it happens. What is the best you can do? Take care of your body and your mind.

Some weeks can be complicated and the rhythm can be wild. If, with this situation, we add other realities, which are out of our control, and the fact that Christmas is very close… The sensation of being about to explode and give up could seem the best option.

Instead of doing that, we advise you to redistribute your time and find some spare time to take care of yourself. As we always say, taking the bicycle to your work gives you some peaceful minutes. No traffic jams, no bad news… only the morning breeze in your faces and the natural warmth of your bodies.

The exercise will be amazing for your mental health, but for getting the most out of it, a balanced diet and a good hydration is also very important. Almost everybody abuses in the case of coffee and the restaurant menus during the stressful days. Controlling what we eat preparing our lunch box or ordering the healthiest menu give us control over ourselves, something very necessary, which make us feel better. This is a gesture that we make for ourselves and for no one else and, in addition, it will give us the energy for finishing all the daily challenges, which will make us feel better at the end of the day.

Don’t allow the stress to dominate you, make it succumb by taking care of yourself!