The positives and negatives of cycling in Barcelona

First, let’s start with the positive points:

  • Availability: in Barcelona there is a large number of companies and start-ups that rent bicycles. Electric, mechanical, for the mountains or for the city, in all there are about twenty shops renting bikes in Barcelona. At Born Bike Barcelona we rent city bikes for everyone, children and adults alike. In addition, the city council has set up a shared bike service. With a subscription you have access to bike stations throughout the city.
  • The price: in Barcelona, prices vary depending on the type of bike you want, the duration and which entity you are going to use. But in general, the prices of rented bikes are relatively low.
  • Cycle lanes: For several years now, the city of Barcelona has been trying to develop cycle infrastructure to encourage people to use a bicycle instead of their car. Nowadays Barcelona has a total of more than 240 km of cycle paths.

Now the negative points:

  • Thefts: even if there has been a decrease in bicycle thefts in recent years, thefts are still very present. In 2021, there were 2,481 bicycle thefts, a number that remains high. It is therefore preferable to park your bike indoors or to use a strong lock.
  • Traffic: especially during the summer, the influx of tourists leads to a lot of traffic on the road and on the cycle paths. Bicycles, skateboards and electric scooters are all vehicles that occupy the cycle paths. So you have to be careful!