The development of bicycle paths in Barcelona

Today Barcelona is a city crisscrossed with bicycle paths. In all, 240 kilometers of bike paths cover the entire city, crossing it from one side to the other. You can go from Barceloneta beach, to Ciutadella park, from Sagrada Familia to Mont Juïc without any difficulty. But if we go back in time, twenty years ago nobody could have predicted such a development.

The increase in bicycle lanes is primarily due to the 1992 Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona. This allowed people to move more easily to the different sports facilities.

Then the lanes were developed according to the different municipal elections, which gives different cycle tracks from others: some separated from cars by rubber bollards, concrete or even by a simple line on the ground.

Finally, the development of bike rental companies, the free bikes available in the street or the price of bikes has allowed a boom in this means of transport and related infrastructure.

Nevertheless, you must be careful because it is very easy to have your bike stolen without realizing it. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with one or more locks to secure it!