Three gold medals for Spain at the Olympic Games

Last week we made a small summary of the results of the Olympic Games of the Spanish. Since a week ago, the Olympic Games continue very actively and will end in two days, on August 8, 2021. It will have been a very beautiful season. Let’s go back to the results of the Spanish this week, which are exceptional.

First of all, we can congratulate the very young sportsman of 18 years, Alberto Ginés Lopez, who won against Nathaniel Coleman, a formidable opponent, a wonderful gold medal in climbing, so it is the first gold medal won in this discipline that has just entered the Olympic Games.

Alberto Ginés Lopez in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021

In karate, Sandra Sanchez won a magnificent gold medal against the Japanese Kiyou Shimizu.  It was a magnificent fight and the Spanish deserved this beautiful victory. It is the first gold medal in the history of karate, which was registered for the first time in the Olympic Games but which will not be there in 2024 during the Olympic Games which will take place in Paris.

 Sandra Sanchez at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021

Finally, the third gold medal that Spain won this week was won in the category Mixed Shooting by Fatima Galvez and Alberto Fernandez who showed great precision and skill.

Fatima Galvez and Alberto Fernandez at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021

We can congratulate Spain that have made incredible performances this year at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Last week we have presented you the results of the Tour de France 2021 where some of our cyclists have stood out more than others. This week we will do a retrospective of the first week of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and the truth is that we Spaniards didn’t light up much…

At the end of the first week Spain is in 40th place with only three medals, two silver and one bronze.

With only 17 years old Adriana Cerezo Iglesias brought the first medal for Spain, the silver one. In the final of Taekwondo -49kg on Saturday July 24th the young girl managed to defeat the Thai Panipak Wongpattanakit, current world champion.

Adriana Cerezo Iglesias at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

A few days later, on Monday July 26, David Valero won the second medal for Spain, the bronze in the discipline of Mountain Bike. It was an unexpected moment. After finishing the first lap in 30th position, the fight for any medal was far away. In the second lap fell the favorite Matthieu Van der Poel which gave a total turn to the race, it ended with a podium in which we had Thomas Pidcock for the gold, Mathias Flückiger for the silver and after an incredible comeback to David Valero for the bronze.

David Valero at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The last silver medal for Spain was thanks to Mailalen Chourraut on Tuesday July 27th in the Canoe Slalom discipline. Germany’s R. Funk finished with a time of 105.50 while Mailalen finished with a time of 106.63.

Mailalen Chourraut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

But that’s not all! There is still a week of Games left and several medals to be won. Let’s not stop supporting our competitors, they need it and deserve it!

The bicycle, an instrument capable of inspiring works of art with the size of a city

Stephen Lund's work on Strava art

Stephen Lund’s work on Strava art

Cyclists from all over the world draw amazing figures through their GPS for sharing them later. It is called Strava art.

Other times, we have talked about mobile applications such as Strava or Endomondo which, in addition to being good tools for keeping us fit with our bicycle, are new social networks where we can share routes, record times which make us feel pride, among other impressions. But the thing that their inventors maybe never imagined when they programmed them is the fact that the users are taking an artistic advantage of them when they use the routes marked on the streets where they move around.

Such as the expression “mente sana in corpore sano” predicts, there is a very narrow relationship between the wealth of our minds and the training of our bodies.

In this sense, we want to make reference to this (we think that it can be already called like this) “movement” which, taking advantage of the digital applications, has transformed the cities into a big canvas.

Stephen Lund's work on Strava art

Stephen Lund’s work on Strava art

Cyclists of everywhere in the world plan and prepare a route which ends up in images (some of them really complex figures), which will finally be shared with friends and, even, with the rest of the world.

If you are thinking about a new challenge, this is the best way to combine sport, art and new technologies.