Cycling around Barcelona: make the most of the Catalan Christmas festivities

Barcelona’s Christmas festivities are good experiences, combining Catalan traditions, a festive atmosphere and magical decorations. If you want to make the most of this magical time of year, why not explore the city by bike? Barcelona has an ever-expanding network of cycle paths, allowing cyclists to weave their way through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, along the Mediterranean beaches and through the lush green parks. Here’s how to make the most of Christmas in Barcelona by exploring the city by bike.

Start from illuminated La Rambla :

Start your festive ride by hiring a bike from Born Bike Tours Barcelona. This iconic avenue is beautifully decorated for Christmas, with twinkling lights and a joyful atmosphere. Ride along this lively thoroughfare, soaking up the festive spirit and admiring the street artists who add an extra touch to the atmosphere.

Explore the Christmas Markets:

Pedal your way to the Christmas markets dotted around the city. The Cathedral market is particularly recommended for its warm atmosphere and handicrafts. Stop off to sample Catalan specialities, buy unique gifts and feel the Christmas magic in the air.

Ciutadella Parc and the Velodrome:

Head to Ciutadella Parc, a green haven in the heart of Barcelona. Take to the park’s winding cycle paths and stop off at the velodrome to watch the local cyclists train. You might even be tempted to do a few laps yourself for a unique festive experience.

Barceloneta beach:
Ride on to Barceloneta beach for a stroll by the sea. Even in winter, the sea air and views of the Mediterranean create a soothing atmosphere. You might even be able to catch one of the special events organised on the beach during the festive season.

Illuminated Gothic Quarter:

Finish your stroll by walking through the Gothic Quarter, where the narrow streets are illuminated by strings of lights. Admire the medieval architecture, explore the small shops and cafés, and soak up the history of this emblematic part of Barcelona.

Exploring Barcelona by bike over Christmas offers a unique perspective on this vibrant city. Between the Christmas markets, the twinkling lights and the Catalan traditions, every corner of Barcelona becomes a festive destination to discover on two wheels. So get on your bike, breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air and enjoy the Catalan festivities like an adventurous cyclist.