The international Working Women’s Day in Barcelona

March 7th, 2018

Susan B. Anthony North American suffragist, (1898)

This Thursday, 8th of March in Barcelona we are going to celebrate the International Working Women’s Day and, in the whole of Spain, it is going to be a great feminist strike, which will coincide with a lot of activities in favor of the women’s rights.

If you are in Barcelona this week you should be aware of the fact that it’s not just any week. For the 8th of March of this year 2018 a big women’s strike is planned in the whole State with the claim: “If women stop, the world stops”. The intention is that every working woman, remunerated or not, takes part in the strike to make her work visible, as well as giving importance to the incidence of her work in the society.

The strike will take place in an ambient of celebration. For this reason, a lot of activities will be carried out in the different districts of Barcelona: from breakfast to vermouths, popular lunches, etc. And at 6:30 p.m. the great demonstration, which will start at the crossing of Passeig de Gràcia with Diagonal, and will finish at Plaça Catalunya, where women will read the manifest and where various performances will take place until 10 p.m.

In addition, during this week, various expositions are available at different places of the city.

Get more information and cooperate with this great popular movement in order to enjoy it!