What to do in May in Barcelona ?

Barcelona is a multi-faceted city that offers many activities that will please both young and old.

May of 15th : Barcelona Visualsound

First of all, on May 15th the 18th edition of Barcelona Visualsound will take place.

Barcelona VisualSound is an audiovisual festival held every spring in Barcelona that combines competitions and free, entertaining and informative activities related to different areas of audiovisual artistic creation. For several weeks, the different municipal facilities of Barcelona that organize it (civic centers, youth centers and youth houses) host the competitions and activities of the festival.

Every year, this festival offers young audiovisual talents the opportunity to show their work to the public. During this event various prizes are awarded, with a very warm atmosphere in Barcelona. The goal is to highlight the beauty of this universe and its geniuses. During several weeks, the projections take place in various cultural centers of the city.

May of 14th : the Night of the Museum

This event consists in the opening of museums and other cultural places in order to make discover the different exhibitions of the city in a totally different way. 

Permanent or temporary exhibitions, it depends on the place you go to!

Museum of Catalan Art at night, lit by blue neon lights. 4 pillars in front of the museum representing the four columns of the Catalan flag.

May of 18 : Museum Day

Why May 18?

May 18 is International Museum Day, a European initiative where many institutions open their doors for free and organize a special program of activities. The aim is to raise awareness of the key role that museums and other cultural centers play in the development of society.

International Museum Day poster with a colourful hand
©icom museum

27th, 28th and 29th of May : The Modernist Fair of Barcelona

The Fira Modernista de Barcelona (Modernist Fair/Catalan Art Nouveau) is held on a weekend in May in the Eixample district. This is an event in which many museums, houses and buildings related to Barcelona’s Modernism offer information and cultural and leisure activities for young and old alike.

In addition, other businesses (gastronomic, clothing and accessories, artistic, etc.) set up stands to offer their products and enrich the Barcelona Modernisme Fair.

Several people having a picnic in a park in period dress. Sunny day.

Barcelona is devoted to culture in May, come and visit us!