National Day of Catalonia

The National Day of Catalonia, known as Diada Nacional de Catalunya (National Day of Catalonia) Diada de l’Onze de Setembre or La Diada in Catalan, is the bank holidays of Catalonia and celebrates its autonomous status as its national symbol. It is a commemoration of the fall of Barcelona on 11 September 1714 and has been celebrated annually since 1886. It was celebrated in secret under Franco’s government. It is a bank holiday, so it is a public holiday throughout Catalonia.

National Day Of catalonia

On the National Day there are several celebrations such as: official speeches, flying the flag of Catalonia, floral offerings, independence demonstrations and patriotic songs.

flying the flag of catalonia in the national day of catalonia

Since 2000, more than 200 civil organisations have celebrated Catalonia’s National Day, which is a “Day of Freedom”, proclaiming Catalonia’s independence. It includes civil, social and cultural protests. Diyada has become increasingly important in 2015, as Catalonia votes for independence (it has already done so).

Independence demonstrations on Catalonia's national day