The Feria De abril de Catalunya, is a great festival that takes place every year in Barcelona to welcome spring. This event lasts about ten days.


It is in the city of Seville, which is located in Andalusia, where the Feria has its origin.  In fact, it was a Basque and a Catalan who, in 1846, imagined and proposed the celebration of this festival to the town hall of Seville.

Thus, in 1847, the first Feria de Abril in Spain was organized.

A few years later, the great wave of migration of many Andalusians to Catalonia, attracted by the job opportunities linked to the strong growth of the industrial sector in this region of Spain during the second half of the 20th century, led a group of Andalusians living in Castelldefels in 1971 to decide to organize what was to be the first edition of the April Fair of Catalonia.

 Since then, the festival has evolved and grown, both in terms of the number of activities and visitors. That is why, for several editions, it has been held in the city of Barcelona.

As it is a traditional Andalusian festival, the FECAC, or Federation of Andalusian Cultural Entities of Catalonia, is in charge of organizing the event, as well as most of the activities that take place there.

What do I need to know about the Barcelona April Fair 2022?

The Fair takes place after Easter (which varies every year depending on the lunar calendar), so it often starts at the end of April. In addition, because of its long duration, about 10 days, you can enjoy the festival over two full weekends and even into early May.

As is the case with the April Fair in Seville, the festivities begin with the traditional lighting of the Portico.

The fair is usually divided into two parts: On the one hand the one that corresponds to the typical fair stands, where we find various festive events related to tradition and popular Andalusian culture (food, flamenco …).

In the other area, there is the typical amusement park, where you can have fun with your family or friends, for both children and adults.

What to do at the April Fair?

The Stands

Many stands belong to cultural entities and associations related to Andalusian culture. Some public institutions and political parties also have their own stands, although it must be said that they are generally the least visited and the least interesting when it comes to enjoying all the charm that the region has to offer.

Musical shows 

Musical performances are a classic element of the Feria de Abril, and while it is true that Sevillanas play a prominent role, this is not the only type of music that is played at the Feria de Abril. Some of the concerts and musical performances take place in the private area, while others are held in the large tent, which is specially designed for this type of event and has a greater capacity. The atmosphere is warm and it is a great way to discover traditional Catalan dances!

Two women dressed in traditional dresses (black and red for the woman on the left and blue and white for the woman on the right) dancing flamenco
La feria

Drinking and Eating 

If you come to the Fair to eat or drink, believe me you will not be disappointed! In fact, you will be spoilt for choice between all the options available. Throughout the space occupied by the fair, there are a multitude of food stalls that, because of the delicious smell they give off, “compete” to attract as many people as possible.

As far as drinks are concerned, the offer is very varied, but you can’t leave without trying the traditional “rebujito andaluz” at one of the typical food stands.

Attractions of the fair

One of the most popular areas, especially for children, families and young people, is the area dedicated to traditional rides. Here you will find the most typical attractions of any fair, such as the Ferris wheel, always attractive and crowded, or the bumper cars. But if you are fond of sensations, do not hesitate to venture to the Super Viking Boat.

The Ferris wheel of the Feria illuminated in green, blue and red. Surrounded by attractions
La feria

Useful information :

Start : 22th of April 2022

End : 1st of May 2022.

Edition : 49ème

Where : Parc du Parc du Forum (Barcelone).

Price : l’accès est gratuit.

hours :

Friday 22th april 

from 18h00 to 3h00 

Saturday 23th april

from 10h00 to 15h00

Sunday 24th april

from 10h00 to 00h00 

Monday 25th april

 from 18:00h to 0:00h

Tuesday 26th april

 from 18:00h to 0:00h

Wendesday 27th april

 from 18:00h to 0:00h

Thusrday 28 avril

 from 18:00h to 0:00h

Friday 29th of april

 from 18:00h to 3:00h

Saturday 30th of april

From 10:00 to 15:00

Sunday 1st of may

From 10:00 to 00:00