Fiesta Mayor de la Barceloneta

Every 29th September since the 19th century, the city celebrates the Barceloneta district with its Fiesta Mayor.

La Barceloneta is the fishermen’s district of Barcelona, although it also has an important working-class and artisanal past. Why is it celebrated on 29 September, you may ask? Quite simply because it is the day on which its patron saint, Sant Miquel del Port, is celebrated. For this reason, there are many churches in the district bearing his name. The festivities began in 1855, on the centenary of the district. Every year since then, the Barceloneta Neighbours Association has organised a traditional 3-day festival to honour their neighbourhood.

Barceloneta port district hotel beach Barcelone

A rich programme is planned for this occasion. With traditional cultural demonstrations, activities for young and old and concerts, there is plenty to keep you busy during the three days of festivities

Don’t miss the famous Canyon Parade, which will take place in all the streets of the district on Saturday 2 October. A man dressed as a Napoleonic general, accompanied by his “big head” (capgros). With his cannon, he shoots sweets all over the city.

Barceloneta port district hotel beach Barcelone

The full programme of festivities can be found here: