The best view of Barcelona

Less known than the Mont-Juïc, the Barceloneta or the Hotel W, the Bunkers del Carmel or also called El Turó de la Rovira, are disused bunkers on the heights of the city. They offer a spectacular and unique view of the entire city!

During the 1930s, Barcelona was bombed by General Franco’s planes against the Republican population. With more than 200 bombings during 2 years, the republican military decided to build bunkers and place anti-aircraft devices on the heights of Barcelona. These bunkers had an advanced command post and were also used to shelter soldiers.

Since the end of the civil war, these bunkers have been disused and emptied of all military equipment. Nowadays it is a site open to all. The interior can be visited but the exterior of the bunker is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. These bunkers have become a real gathering place for young people. Many gather here to enjoy the scenery at sunset. This place that used to be military has become a place where people come for a picnic, to relax with music in the open air and see the whole city of Barcelona.

What to do in May in Barcelona ?

Barcelona is a multi-faceted city that offers many activities that will please both young and old.

May of 15th : Barcelona Visualsound

First of all, on May 15th the 18th edition of Barcelona Visualsound will take place.

Barcelona VisualSound is an audiovisual festival held every spring in Barcelona that combines competitions and free, entertaining and informative activities related to different areas of audiovisual artistic creation. For several weeks, the different municipal facilities of Barcelona that organize it (civic centers, youth centers and youth houses) host the competitions and activities of the festival.

Every year, this festival offers young audiovisual talents the opportunity to show their work to the public. During this event various prizes are awarded, with a very warm atmosphere in Barcelona. The goal is to highlight the beauty of this universe and its geniuses. During several weeks, the projections take place in various cultural centers of the city.

May of 14th : the Night of the Museum

This event consists in the opening of museums and other cultural places in order to make discover the different exhibitions of the city in a totally different way. 

Permanent or temporary exhibitions, it depends on the place you go to!

Museum of Catalan Art at night, lit by blue neon lights. 4 pillars in front of the museum representing the four columns of the Catalan flag.

May of 18 : Museum Day

Why May 18?

May 18 is International Museum Day, a European initiative where many institutions open their doors for free and organize a special program of activities. The aim is to raise awareness of the key role that museums and other cultural centers play in the development of society.

International Museum Day poster with a colourful hand
©icom museum

27th, 28th and 29th of May : The Modernist Fair of Barcelona

The Fira Modernista de Barcelona (Modernist Fair/Catalan Art Nouveau) is held on a weekend in May in the Eixample district. This is an event in which many museums, houses and buildings related to Barcelona’s Modernism offer information and cultural and leisure activities for young and old alike.

In addition, other businesses (gastronomic, clothing and accessories, artistic, etc.) set up stands to offer their products and enrich the Barcelona Modernisme Fair.

Several people having a picnic in a park in period dress. Sunny day.

Barcelona is devoted to culture in May, come and visit us!

Extreme Barcelona 2021

This 25th and 26th of September 2021 the Extreme Barcelona will take place. The magic of urban sports and culture returns to the Parc del Fòrum. After a year of closed doors, the public can once again watch their idols fight for medals.

New content will be added to this great event, such as 3*3 basketball. Of course, you can also find all the other usual disciplines such as the World Scooter Championship, skateboarding, BMX, break, cockfights, live concerts, graffiti, mega ramp …). There are also more than 10 grand finals prepared to delight the public.

skate bord long board chaussure sport

Sport and culture

One of the bases of urban culture is of course art. One of the spaces at Extreme Barcelona has been turned into an avenue where artists can express themselves as they wish during the event.

It will be a meeting point for unknown and 100% local artists who, eager to share their passion with the Extreme Barcelona audience, will create a new stage where you can enjoy a live show. Different styles and personalities with the same passion, street art. More than 20 invited artists will exploit their creativity by giving colour to the Espacio de Columnas, transforming it into their own mini-city.

This year we are embarking on a journey that we are particularly excited about. A strong commitment to music with a strong presence in Extreme Barcelona.

Music also plays a key role. The event has created a line up full of emerging artists from the local scene, who will have the opportunity to show their talent in the most powerful spaces of the event, the Skateparks: Central Park and Street Plaza. Rap, Trap and Hip Hop, become our new protagonists of an event where from this 2021 will breathe culture at the same level as sport.

skate bord long board chaussure sport planche

Looking is good, but trying is even better!

This year, a new concept has been imagined: ENJOY. This space has been designed to give spectators a total experience. It has plenty of possibilities for fun, designed for all ages and levels, and with many options for you to try out the latest trends in the world of outdoor leisure. These include a children’s park, a youth park, a mini ramp and a wooden wave. Competitions will also be organised, and you can take part in them regardless of your age and level.

There is not much time left to book your place, so don’t hesitate!

European Mobility Week 2021

 From 16 to 22 September 2021, European Mobility Week will be held. In all major European cities, there will be events and activities to raise awareness of the importance of soft mobility today.

This year’s slogan is “Be healthy. Move sustainably”. Its theme therefore revolves around health, both mental and physical. This is a very topical theme, as health is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, especially since COVID.

children bikes school mobility

Friday 17 September is Park(ing)day. On this day, most of the city’s car parks will be transformed into parks, gardens and other forms of public space.

Sunday 20 September is ‘Car Free Day’. Various organisations and facilities in the city are organising numerous activities in the street, where vehicle traffic will be replaced by, among other proposals, open to all (workshops for all ages, exhibitions, children’s bike circuits, ballooning, races, zumba and body combat courses and workshops…).

roads without cars tree

As you can see, all its activities will aim to raise awareness of the need to reduce the use of motorised vehicles, but above all to promote more sustainable means of transport (walking, cycling and public transport), in order to achieve a less polluted city.

National Day of Catalonia

The National Day of Catalonia, known as Diada Nacional de Catalunya (National Day of Catalonia) Diada de l’Onze de Setembre or La Diada in Catalan, is the bank holidays of Catalonia and celebrates its autonomous status as its national symbol. It is a commemoration of the fall of Barcelona on 11 September 1714 and has been celebrated annually since 1886. It was celebrated in secret under Franco’s government. It is a bank holiday, so it is a public holiday throughout Catalonia.

National Day Of catalonia

On the National Day there are several celebrations such as: official speeches, flying the flag of Catalonia, floral offerings, independence demonstrations and patriotic songs.

flying the flag of catalonia in the national day of catalonia

Since 2000, more than 200 civil organisations have celebrated Catalonia’s National Day, which is a “Day of Freedom”, proclaiming Catalonia’s independence. It includes civil, social and cultural protests. Diyada has become increasingly important in 2015, as Catalonia votes for independence (it has already done so).

Independence demonstrations on Catalonia's national day

La Mercè 2021

Every 24 September, Barcelona celebrates Mercè. These major summer festivals in the Catalan capital commemorate the Mare de Déu de la Mercè (Our Lady of Grace), and large celebrations take place throughout the week (including 24 September). Since 1871, this religious celebration has been held in the Catalan capital. Our Lady of Merced is the patron saint of Barcelona, while Santa Eulalia is the patron saint of the city. In Catalan, the word mercè means service, help and means compassion and kindness. The Mare de Déu de La Mercè reminds believers to remember those who are unfortunate. In Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, a basilica is dedicated to La Mercè.

Festival La mercè in Barcelona

In 1687, Barcelona was attacked by locusts. In order to fight the insects, the people of Barcelona prayed to the Virgin. At the end of the invasion, she was named patroness of the city of Barcelona, although she was not recognised by the pope until 1868. Since then, every year around the 24th of September, this festival is celebrated. de la Merce.

It is a series of cultural, folkloric and leisure activities that take place according to relatively unchanged rituals. Every year there is the pregó (celebratory speeches initiated by personalities from the cultural world), the art of fire (fireworks), giant Catalan dances and numerous concerts, as well as exhibitions and open days.

shows in barcelona during in the Mercè

This year, La Mercè 2021 launches the 150th anniversary edition On 23, 24, 25 and 26 September, the city will host a La Mercè, marked by a celebration of a century and a half since the inauguration of City Hall. This year, activist, feminist and community leader Custodia Moreno will give a speech, and one year after the pandemic stopped, Havana will become a guest city.

We hope to see you there very soon to make the most of all these festivities !


Today in the blog we are going to talk about the famous Gràcia festival, more precisely called Fiesta Major de Gràcia, which is a free festival that takes place in the streets of the district every year in August. This year, the festival takes place from Sunday 15 August to Friday 21 August 2021. This festival is open to the public, so it is not necessary to buy a ticket. You can go at any time to enjoy this wonderful moment with your loved ones. This festival is very well known throughout Barcelona, especially among children, as there are countless activities in which they can get involved while enjoying themselves and having fun.

Street in the Gracia district during the annual festival

During this week, the streets of this very bohemian and relaxed neighbourhood come alive with numerous shows and concerts. The concept of this vibrant festival is that the streets of Gràcia must compete to win the prize for the best decorated street. This is why you can see streets full of festivities and flamboyant, sparkling decorations that will blow your mind!

street decorating gracia during the festival

The Gràcia district takes rivalry very seriously as the standards are very high. There is a different theme for each street and any subject can be represented, which gives us a colourful and very diversified show. Take a walk through the streets of Gràcia and you will be amazed by the canvases of colourful decoration that are above you and the creativity and originality that each street demonstrates.

Street decoration in gracia

The district also offers numerous events such as giant processions, devil dances and a large fireworks display.

processions of giants during the festival de gracia in barcelona

In order to inform you in advance about the different performances that the Gràcia Festival offers, here is the link to the official website of the festival with all the programmes that this wonderful week has in store for you:

We hope you will be able to come and enjoy this unique and magical moment with your family and friends!

Bicycle repairs and rental in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities to travel by bicycle with more than 200 kilometers of bike lanes, where you can enjoy a walk along the Mediterranean coast, through the Gothic streets or enjoy a day on the Collserolla mountain.

If you are still in doubt about repairing that old bicycle, or renting one to enjoy Barcelona on wheels, we leave you five tips that will help you make that decision.

  • Enjoy a safer ride

The bicycle is a safe vehicle, you will walk through the city of Barcelona enjoying great views and places, using the safety of the bike lanes.

  • Easier and simpler

Mobility by bicycle is easier than in other means of transport. Did you know that the bike is faster than the car in short and medium urban distances? Through several door-to-door competitions, with the city center as the destination, it has been found that, in general, the bike is the fastest transport. in addition to being faster in short distances, it is ideal to combine with public transport

  • Be more sustainable and collaborate with the environment

The bicycle is a key factor in reducing the levels of environmental and noise pollution in cities. An, at the same time, it is the most energy efficient means of transport: it uses twelve times less energy than a car, even if it is full, to move a person over a kilometer, and fifty times less than a car occupied by only one person.

  • To enjoy more space

A cyclist occupies five times less space than a motorist, whether he is stationary or in motion. This data has very profound implications for the well-being of residents, who can enjoy peaceful, calmer, safer and noise-free spaces.

  • To always be on the move

Going by bike is one of the most beneficial exercises for health, since during the effort large muscle groups are mobilized. Of practiced regularly it can reduce resting heart and breathing rates.

If you want to know about bike rental or repair you can stop by our store Born Bike Tours Barcelona
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The keys of the ecotourism

Although we have the sensation that an eternity has passed since we were on holidays, surely it has been only a month and a few days, enough time to get away from our experiences and analyze our trip in a critical way.

by Diogo Tavares

by Diogo Tavares

For this analysis, the definition and the seven principles on which The International Ecotourism Society bases itself can be a help for us. So the Ecotourism is not any other thing than: “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. In order to achieve this we have to:

1. Minimize physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts:

Obviously, at this point we cannot stop insisting on the kind of means of transport that we use. We, of course, prefer the quick, efficient and non-contamination bicycle, always knowing and respecting the each city‘s regulations.

2. Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect:

And an interesting way to do that is moving around the city to the maximum in order to get to know its history, its art and it culture, in addition to its surroundings, especially if they are a source of nature and always leaving a minimum physical trace of our visit.

3. Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts:

Knowing local people and sharing experiences with them will always make our trip so much richer. In order to do that, it is usually enough to be respectful and friendly.

4. Provide direct financial benefits for conservation:

Collaborating, as well as possible, with these places which we love to visit.

5. Generate financial benefits for both local people and private industry:

To go and use local shops and services will get us closer to the people of the place and to the way that they live together. So, why do we have to go to the same shops, which, surely, are also in our city?

6. Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climates:

The present context will indicate so much about the place and the people that we are getting to know.

7. Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities:

Something so basic that we surely will always intend to comply with it in our daily life.

8. Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment:

Something so basic that we surely will always intend to comply with it in our daily life.

So, now we have to ask ourselves: At how many points we have implemented these on the last holidays? And, in this way, trying to improve in each one, our next holidays will be have 10 points!


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