Barcelona and the history of sport.

The sport in Barcelona is a bit like an evidence, it can be done everywhere and it is a practice that brings together thousands of people every day, in halls or outside. Here is a small selection of activities that you can practice and great events not to be missed!

The beautiful weather, the diversity of natural spaces and the wealth of the associative world make Barcelona a particularly sporty city! In addition, in 2017, 71.6% of Barcelonans reported participating in a sport on a regular basis, and at all ages as nearly 70% of 65-75 year olds participate in sports at least once a week.

What makes the people of Barcelona so active? The simple taste of sport and play, to stay fit, to lose weight, to free oneself from tension and escape, to find oneself with others or to set challenges? It would be interesting to question the athletes we meet daily.

All you have to do is go to a park and meet joggers, yogis, pilates fans or people who get together to exercise together. On the seaside, it is the same phenomenon, with as a bonus, all beach sports that do not cease to emulate in recent years. In gymnasiums, stadiums, streets or on the water, sport is an essential component of the Catalan capital.