Are you ready for the great Mercè fiesta?

You will have to pedal strongly if you don’t want to miss any one of the activities carried out along the city.

If you are thinking about getting closer to the history and culture of Barcelona pedalling, this Friday, the 18th of September is your great opportunity to get to know the city through one of its best popular festivities: La Mercè.

Before 9 p.m. go to Plaça Sant Jaume and get a good place for observing, because you cannot miss the beginning of the festivity. After the “Pregón” (a kind of presentation inviting everybody to the fiesta), Sardanes (a typical Catalan dance), the giants and a lot of other activities will start so that all the family can enjoy this fantastic tradition.

During the week the concerts, dances, performances with fire and light, acrobatics… will not cease. All this combination is a sample of the Catalonian community culture of the city, the best way to integrate yourself and get to know about tradition by yourself. Although we will also find other cultural performances, these will be related to Argentina, because this year Buenos Aires will be the guest city.

¿And why do you have to go by bicycle? The activities will take place in different streets and parks of the city. If you want to attend a lot of them, you will need a quick means of transport and, especially in this case, quick signifies the means of transport which could avoid traffic jams, cut off streets and lack of parking spaces.

And if one day isn’t enough time to see all this things, keep calm, the fiesta won’t stop until the 24th at 10 p.m., with the “Piromusical” (a performance with fireworks and music) in the Avenue of Reina Maria Cristina.