5 ways to do sport for free or cheap in Barcelona

In Barcelona, there are different ways to do sports for free or cheap while enjoying a beautiful view: 

Rent a bike from Born Bike Tours Barcelona 

By renting a bike, you can enjoy the 240km of cycle paths that the city of Barcelona has to offer. 

Some ideas for cycling routes: 

– Along the Els Vivers de Can Borni gardens which are located in the heart of the Collserola mountain. (10km)

– Along the beaches of the Maresme (32km)

Running at the Carretera de les Aigües

Also located in the heart of the Collserola mountain range, it is very popular with runners and cyclists also. 

A great way to combine sport and spectacular views. 

Climb Montjuïc Hill

Climbing this hill will help you burn off as many calories as possible and enjoy the panoramic view when you arrive. You can also take a break by visiting the Montjuïc Castle. 

Walk in Park Güell 

Park Güell is a magnificent creation of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, covering more than 17 hectares, and will allow you to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site while walking a few kilometres. It will cost you 10 euros per person. 

Do sports at the beach 

On the beachfront there are facilities where you can do fitness for free. There are also facilities located in the Eixample or Poblenou.