40 years of bike lanes in Barcelona

40 years ago, a group called the “Amics de la Bici” laid out Barcelona’s very first cycle lane. Since then, the city has continued to expand its cycle network. But it hasn’t always been so easy.

The first bike lane in Barcelona

It’s interesting to note that Barcelona wasn’t always the bike-friendly city it is today. 40 years ago, it was very difficult to get around the city by bike. The environment and soft mobility were not yet major issues, and the city council was not determined to change things.

This was without counting on the cyclists’ group Amics de la Bici, an association that still exists today, and which was campaigning for Barcelona City Council to create spaces dedicated to non-motorised vehicles. When their request went unheeded, the group decided to inaugurate Barcelona’s first cycle path on the 15th of July 1983. It was built illegally in the heart of the Eixample.

Amics de la Bici, a group that fights for the development of bycicle lanes in Barcelona.

Today, Barcelona City Council is trying to reduce its environmental impact and is working hard to develop bicycle transport. If you’re planning to visit Barcelona in the near future, we recommend that you use a bicycle to discover this beautiful city. It’s a fun and environmentally-friendly way to enjoy your trip!

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